Discount Prescription Card FAQ's

Below are a few of the common questions that are usually asked by the Free Prescription Discount Card holders.

How do I find a participating pharmacy?
You can find a participating pharmacy by clicking on "Find a Pharmacy" link located in the menu bar and entering your criteria. Pharmacy Locator was designed to help you identify pharmacies that participate in the network that serves your pharmacy benefit plan. The Pharmacy Locator will display participating pharmacies within the specified travel radius.

Where can I get my prescription filled for the lowest cost?
The pharmacies that participate in the network serving your pharmacy benefit plan have agreed, typically through contractual arrangements, to provide covered pharmacy-related products and services for a defined reimbursement formula. Therefore, for covered medications, your cost (or copayment amount) should be the same at all participating pharmacies.

How do I transfer a prescription from a non-participating pharmacy to a participating pharmacy?
There are three ways to transfer your prescription:
  • Take your labeled medication container from your previous pharmacy to the participating pharmacy. Your new pharmacy will contact your old pharmacy to transfer your prescription.
  • Call the participating pharmacy and ask them to call your old pharmacy for prescription transfer information.
  • Ask your doctor to contact the participating pharmacy directly.

Do I need to get a different card for each member of my family?
No, you can use one card to save for your entire family.

How many time can I use the card?
The free prescription discount card has unlimited usage and never expires..

Note: Pharmacy discounts are Not Insurance, and are Not Intended as a Substitute for Insurance.


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